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The key to the success of any business is creating brand awareness. How do you make your company and brand stand apart from the competition? One way to achieve this is to leverage professional imprinting services from a provider that specializes in customizing various types of products with your company's name, logo, tagline and anything else you use to build your brand image.

From displays at trade shows to customized apparel that you give to employees, clients and partners, there are several ways to showcase your brand. With professional imprinting services, you can get customized company apparel for all your employees so that your brand or product are easily visible. You can use customized products as part of an employee incentive program and keep them in good spirits. Having your own Online Company Store is a great way to make the process even easier!

Below are a few items that every company should consider taking advantage of to increase their brand awareness:


One of the most popular ways to increase brand visibility is to have your employees dress in custom company apparel during major events. There are several options for men and women of all ages. Moxie Print provides many different types of services that can be used to promote  your brand on apparel including embroidering, screen printing, laser engraving and debossing.    

At a trade show, you can get polo t-shirts or knits for your staff in various styles and designs, including mock turtleneck, silk finish, specialty knits, cotton, performance or basic fashion knits. You can have the name of your company on the left chest pocket of the polo t-shirt. You can even opt for custom jackets and sweaters for the colder season. Hats with the company name are also very popular since it easily catches people's attention.

Outdoor apparel is also a great idea.  Fleece quarter-zips, jackets and vests are all hot items today. And don’t forget about hoodies.  These items become part of people’s regular wardrobe, and extend your company’s brand way beyond the trade show.

And don’t forget about employee uniforms.  With a custom Online Company Store, Moxie Print can fulfill all of your needs for branded employee gear and merchandise. 


Professional imprinting services can help you customize an extensive range of bags and backpacks for various occasions. You could gift your top employees a personalized briefcase or laptop bag with the logo or your company emblem. Such a gift will not only be useful for the employee, it will create a sense of pride towards your company in the user’s mind. Moreover, on their way to and from work each day, the bag will is visible to people passing by and will easily make your brand a familiar sight and increase its reach.


Another thing companies can do is to give away various customized technology accessories as gifts for the holidays and at trade shows. There is a wide selection of flash drives, USB hubs, chargers, and much more that you can have your company logo on.  Having your company logo on the things your clients use every day is very valuable. 

Promotional consultants are on staff at Moxie Print to help you with your marketing queries, making sure you fulfill your advertising goals. Take advantage of our professional team to aid in your marketing campaign. We employ an award-winning staff of graphic designers standing by to assist you with your project.

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