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Really Find Out Where Your Marketing Budget Goes

One of the biggest benefits with having an Online Company Store for your company, is understanding where and how your marketing items are being used. With using a Spending Account or Budget Account, individual users or users that are assigned a specific spending account can pull items from your inventory, and you can control how much and how often they pull.

The great part about using these spending accounts is that you can control how much your employees can pull and take out from your corporate inventory. Admin users are able to pull reports based on user, user group and allocate where your budget was spent. Having this report, broken down by department or cost center really gives you visibility to where your spend is going.

In the past, our clients would keep their marketing inventory locked in a closet and guard it so no one from any other department can take from it. Now, with their corporate portal, they are able to buy items in bulk, and that spend is not just allocated to marketing. There are able to allocate that initial spend to their HR department who is pulling items for recruiting events, their Sales Team now can pull limited items for their client meetings, and Marketing can use only what they need to promote their company.

Find out more about how we can help you and your finance team get control of your budget.

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