Creating an Online Company Store helps align your business and brand with your marketing strategy. Organizations often struggle to maintain brand control both internally and externally. Logo requests bounce through emails as various teams manage merchandise orders, while the marketing department faces a barrage of queries about when the sales team can expect their branded mugs for upcoming events.

The time has come to eliminate this chaos by centralizing the management of corporate-branded merchandise and print requests through an Online Company Store. Setting up an eStore to help manage your promotional products ordering, inventory and distribution ensures consistent brand communication and empowers employees to directly purchase logo items from your online store.

As you gear up to introduce a webstore for your employees, here are simple steps to take:

Step 1: Crafting the Business Rationale for an Online Company Store

An Online Company Store simplifies corporate purchases, enforces brand consistency, and enables employees to proudly showcase their affiliation with the company. Beyond this, there are numerous reasons why an online store is right for your business, regardless of industry or size. 

A company store helps:

Step 2: Identifying Your Company Store 

While employees are the primary users, there's more nuance to consider. Engage various stakeholders, particularly from HR, sales, marketing, and other departments, to identify frequent users such as those seeking uniforms or rewards. Understand their specific needs to tailor your merchandise.

Step 3: Curating Your Store Selection 

Offer a diverse array of promotional products that align with your brand and cater to varying budgets. Common merchandise includes:

High-quality practical products are crucial for extending your brand's reach through promotional items.

Step 4: Initiating Your Online Company Store 

Setting up your Online Company Store is a swift process. Once operational, ongoing management is simplified with a reputable promotional products distributor. As you launch your store, follow these basic steps:

Step 5: Ensuring Continued Store

After launching your e-commerce store, remember the three M's: Monitor, Market, and Make adjustments. Okay, it’s really four M’s… Moxie! Moxie Print will support ongoing engagement:

Your Online Company Store embodies your brand and employees, serving as both a practical shopping platform and a brand-building tool. Engaging employees through branded merchandise is an affordable and effective way to foster brand loyalty and incentivize performance. As you step into the realm of promotional products distribution, Moxie Print is ready to partner with you to enhance your brand, optimize resources, and create a tailored eStore solution for your business. Connect with us to experience the “Full Moxie” and explore the possibilities furthe

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