Creating and distributing company swag—a collection of branded merchandise used for promotion—has long been a staple in the marketing and human resources departments of many companies. From t-shirts and pens to high-tech gadgets, swag serves many purposes such as enhancing brand visibility, fostering employee loyalty, and serving as meaningful gifts for customers. With the advent of online company stores, businesses now have a digital alternative to the traditional method of sourcing and distributing branded merch. This blog explores the benefits of using an online company store versus buying swag in the traditional way, highlighting the unique advantages that Moxie Print offers.

Efficiency and Convenience

Moxie Print Online Company Stores:

- Streamlined Ordering and Printing Process: Moxie Print offers a seamless, digital platform for selecting, customizing, and ordering branded merchandise.

- Time Savings: The process from selection to payment can be completed in a few clicks, saving valuable time.

- 24/7 Access: Unlike traditional vendors, Moxie Print's online store is accessible around the clock, making it convenient for decision-makers to browse and make purchases at any time.

- Dedicated Support: Our customer service team is available to assist you with any questions, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience from start to finish. Our account managers can answer your questions and fulfill your orders.  You do not have to do anything “the old way”.

The Old Way:

- Involves contacting multiple vendors for quotes, waiting for samples, and then going through a lengthy approval and procurement process. This can be time-consuming and less efficient, especially for companies with tight deadlines.

Customization and Variety

Moxie Print Online Stores:

- Wide Range of Products: From apparel to electronics and everything in between, Moxie Print offers a broader selection of products than traditional vendors.

- Advanced Customization Tools: Allow for easy customization of products with your brand's logo, colors, and messaging.  We allow for personalization of items or free range to categorize/organize items on the site. You are able to switch out styles easily.

- Real-Time Previews: See how your customizations will look on the final product in real time, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring satisfaction with the end result.

- Exclusive Design Services: Our in-house design team can help bring your vision to life with design solutions tailored to your brand.


Traditional Way:

- Customization options and product ranges may be limited based on the vendor’s offerings. Real-time previews are often not available, increasing the reliance on physical proofs and potentially leading to longer turnaround times.

Distribution and Logistics

Moxie Print Online Company Stores:

- Direct Shipping to Recipients: Moxie Print can ship products directly to the end recipient, whether they are employees working remotely or clients located across the globe. This eliminates the need for companies to manage inventory and distribution.

- Centralized Management: Track orders, manage budgets, and analyze spending patterns all in one place. Management can set approval rules. Rules can be assigned so orders do not automatically flow through if desired.

- Customized Reports: Order data is collected and available to have customized reports be saved, pulled and downloaded.

- Global Reach: Our logistics network ensures timely delivery no matter where your recipients are located.


Traditional Way:

- Requires companies to handle the logistics of receiving, storing, and then distributing swag themselves, which can be particularly challenging for organizations with limited storage space or those with a dispersed workforce.



Moxie Print Online Company Stores:

- On-Demand Ordering: Reduces waste by allowing companies to order only what they need, when they need it, minimizing the risk of excess inventory that goes unused.

- Eco-friendly Options: We offer sustainable and eco-friendly product options, making it easier for companies to align their swag with their environmental values.


Traditional Way:

- Bulk orders based on estimates can lead to overordering, contributing to waste. Additionally, the availability of eco-friendly products may be more limited.



The transition to an Online Company Store offers businesses a myriad of advantages over traditional swag buying methods. From efficiency and convenience to cost savings, customization, and eco-friendliness, the benefits are clear. While the traditional method may still have its place for specific needs or preferences, the future of swag lies in the digital realm, where companies can leverage technology to enhance their brand in innovative, sustainable, and impactful ways.


By embracing the capabilities of online company stores, Moxie Print empowers businesses to streamline their swag procurement process, ensuring they stay ahead in an ever-evolving marketplace. With our unique offerings and commitment to quality, Moxie Print stands out as the premier choice for all your branded merchandise needs.



A great way to provide access to your company's branded merchandise is having an online company swag store makes the entire process simple. Quality, accessible merchandise boosts lead generation, employee retention, and revenue growth. To streamline the process, consider using a powerful management platform like Moxie. This platform handles inventory, shipping, and strategic planning, simplifying the entire process. Schedule a free demo to explore its potential.

To learn more about how an online company store could be the perfect solution for you call one of our knowledgeable representatives at 1-888-669-4348.


Branded merchandise isn't just about slapping your logo on a t-shirt or mug—it's a powerful marketing tool that can elevate your brand in more ways than one. From boosting brand recognition to fostering customer loyalty, here's why investing in branded merchandise is a game-changer for your business:

1. Instant Brand Recognition:

Imagine your logo proudly displayed on a stylish hoodie or trendy water bottle. Branded merchandise puts your brand front and center, increasing visibility and creating instant recognition among your target audience. Whether it's worn around town or used in the office, your branded items serve as walking advertisements for your business.

2. Builds Trust and Credibility:

Consumers are more likely to trust and engage with brands they recognize and perceive as credible. By consistently showcasing your logo and brand messaging on high-quality merchandise, you establish trust with your audience and reinforce your brand's legitimacy. Branded merchandise demonstrates that you take pride in your brand and are invested in providing value to your customers.

3. Cost-Effective Marketing:

Compared to traditional advertising channels, branded merchandise offers a cost-effective way to promote your brand long-term. Rather than spending money on fleeting ads or sponsored posts, invest in merchandise that continues to generate brand exposure with every use. From pens and tote bags to tech gadgets and apparel, there's a wide range of affordable options to suit any budget.

4. Enhances Customer Loyalty:

Who doesn't love receiving freebies? Branded merchandise has the power to delight your customers and strengthen their loyalty to your brand. Whether you're rewarding loyal customers with a branded gift or including merchandise in a promotional campaign, these tangible tokens create positive associations with your brand and encourage repeat business.

5. Differentiates Your Brand:

In a crowded marketplace, standing out from the competition is essential. Branded merchandise allows you to differentiate your brand and make a memorable impression on your audience. By offering unique and high-quality items that reflect your brand's personality and values, you set yourself apart from competitors and create a lasting impact on customers.

6. Creates a Sense of Community:

Branded merchandise has the power to unite your customers and employees under a common brand identity. Whether it's wearing matching company t-shirts at a corporate event or gifting branded swag to attendees at a conference, these shared experiences foster a sense of belonging and strengthen relationships within your community.

Ready to take your brand to the next level? Explore our wide range of branded merchandise options and discover how you can make a lasting impression with your audience. From promotional giveaways to employee incentives, we've got everything you need to showcase your brand in style.

A great way to provide access to your company's branded merchandise is having an online company swag store makes the entire process simple. Quality, accessible merchandise boosts lead generation, employee retention, and revenue growth. To streamline the process, consider using a powerful management platform like Moxie. This platform handles inventory, shipping, and strategic planning, simplifying the entire process. Schedule a free demo to explore its potential.

To learn more about how an online company store could be the perfect solution for you call one of our knowledgeable representatives at 1-888-669-4348.


Employee recognition is a cornerstone of a positive workplace culture. It not only acknowledges individual achievements but also motivates others to strive for excellence. In today's competitive business landscape, companies are increasingly turning to creative ways to honor their employees. One such method gaining popularity is the use of branded merchandise as awards. Let's explore how leveraging branded merchandise for employee awards can enhance your recognition efforts and foster a culture of appreciation within your organization.

The Power of Branded Merchandise in Employee Recognition:

Tangible Rewards, Lasting Impact: Unlike monetary incentives or certificates, branded merchandise offers tangible rewards that employees can use and cherish. Whether it's a premium leather journal or a sleek tech gadget, receiving branded merchandise as an award adds a personal touch and leaves a lasting impression on the recipient.

Aligning Recognition with Brand Values: Every piece of branded merchandise carries the essence of your brand. By selecting items that reflect your company's values and culture, you not only reinforce those principles but also create a sense of pride and belonging among employees. For example, eco-friendly products can underscore your commitment to sustainability, while high-quality tech accessories can emphasize innovation and progress.

Boosting Morale and Engagement: Employee awards serve as powerful motivators, inspiring individuals to go above and beyond in their roles. When recognition comes in the form of branded merchandise, it adds an extra layer of excitement and appreciation. Employees feel valued for their contributions and are more likely to remain engaged and committed to the company's success.

Enhancing Brand Visibility: Branded merchandise serves as a walking advertisement for your company. When employees proudly display their awards, whether it's a branded water bottle on their desk or a company logo-emblazoned jacket in the community, they become brand ambassadors, helping to increase awareness and visibility.

Customization for Personalization: One of the key advantages of using branded merchandise for employee awards is the ability to customize items to suit individual preferences and achievements. Whether it's engraving a name, adding a personalized message, or selecting products based on interests or hobbies, customization adds a thoughtful touch that makes the award even more meaningful.

Incorporating Branded Merchandise into Your Employee Recognition Strategy:

Identify Meaningful Milestones: Recognize a diverse range of achievements, from years of service and outstanding performance to innovation and teamwork. Tailor the type of award and its value to the significance of the milestone.

Curate a Thoughtful Selection: Choose branded merchandise that aligns with your company culture and resonates with your employees. Consider a mix of practical items, such as apparel and accessories, as well as aspirational products like premium electronics or travel experiences.

Celebrate Publicly, Reward Privately: While public recognition fosters a sense of camaraderie and peer appreciation, some employees may prefer private acknowledgment. Strike a balance by celebrating achievements publicly while presenting awards in a more intimate setting.

Gather Feedback and Iterate: Continuously solicit feedback from employees to gauge the effectiveness of your recognition efforts. Adjust your selection of branded merchandise and recognition criteria based on employee preferences and evolving organizational goals.


Branded merchandise offers a unique and impactful way to honor employees and reinforce positive behaviors within your organization. By leveraging the power of tangible rewards, aligning recognition with brand values, and customizing awards for personalization, you can elevate your employee recognition efforts and cultivate a workplace culture built on appreciation and excellence.

A well-managed company swag store makes the entire process simple. Quality, accessible merchandise boosts lead generation, employee retention, and revenue growth. To streamline the process, consider using a powerful swag management platform like Moxie. This platform handles inventory, shipping, and strategic planning, simplifying the entire process. Schedule a free demo to explore its potential.

To learn more about how an online company store could be the perfect solution for your branded merchandise, call one of our knowledgeable representatives at 1-888-669-4348.

Welcome to the exciting world of onboarding! As HR professionals and business leaders, we understand the importance of making a positive and lasting first impression on new hires. One powerful way to achieve this is through well-crafted New Hire Kits. In this blog, we'll explore the essential components, creative ideas, and best practices for creating a memorable onboarding experience with the perfect New Hire Kit.

Understanding the Purpose of New Hire Kits:

You want to create a warm welcome and introduce your company culture and values right from the start. It is important to set the right expectations and provide the necessary tools and resources to help new hires hit the ground running. The right New Hire Kit will help fostering connections and create a sense of belonging and camaraderie among team members.

The Essential Components of a New Hire Kit:

1. Welcome Letter: Include a personalized message from the CEO or team leader. Provide an overview of the company's mission, vision, and values.

2. Company Swag: Branded apparel, water bottles, or desk accessories are great items for new employees. This creates a sense of pride and unity among employees.

Here is a great catalog of the type of merch you can use in your New Hire Kit.

3. Onboarding Manual: Clearly outline the onboarding process and key milestones employees need to get started. Provide information on company policies, benefits, and resources.

4. Technology Essentials: While you will be providing the necessary computer for the employee, including branded computer/phone accessories, like chargers/power banks or USB cords in the welcome kit is recommended.

5. Stationery and Office Supplies: Branded notebooks, pens, and other office essentials the employee needs to complete their tasks. It's important to foster an organized and productive work environment.

Having your own Online Company Store makes the New Hire Kit process even easier.  A company like Moxie Print can help you create customized New Hire Kits.

Best Practices for New Hire Kit Success:

1. Timely Delivery: Ensure the kit arrives before the new hire's start date. This demonstrates organizational efficiency and commitment.

2. Feedback Mechanism: Encourage new hires to provide feedback on the onboarding experience. Continuously improve and refine the New Hire Kit based on input. Getting input from new hires is key to making the process work for you

3. Ongoing Support: Assign a mentor or buddy for each new hire. Facilitate regular check-ins and support throughout the onboarding process.

Other ideas to Enhance the Onboarding Process:

1. Customized Welcome Video in their new email inbox: Feature team members introducing themselves and sharing tips. A great idea is to provide a virtual tour of the office and key facilities.

2. Interactive Training Materials: Incorporate engaging and interactive elements in the onboarding manual. Use multimedia such as videos, quizzes, or infographics.


Investing in a well-thought-out New Hire Kit not only sets the stage for a successful onboarding process but also contributes to employee satisfaction and retention. A well-managed company swag store makes the entire process simple. Quality, accessible merchandise boosts lead generation, employee retention, and revenue growth. To streamline the process, consider using a powerful swag management platform like Moxie. This platform handles inventory, shipping, and strategic planning, simplifying the entire process. Schedule a free demo to explore its potential.

As you design your kits, remember to align them with your company culture and values, creating a welcoming and inspiring introduction for your newest team members.

To learn more about how an online company store could be the perfect solution for your New Hire Kits, call one of our knowledgeable representatives at 1-888-669-4348.

The key to the success of any business is creating brand awareness. How do you make your company and brand stand apart from the competition? One way to achieve this is to leverage professional imprinting services from a provider that specializes in customizing various types of products with your company's name, logo, tagline and anything else you use to build your brand image.

From displays at trade shows to customized apparel that you give to employees, clients and partners, there are several ways to showcase your brand. With professional imprinting services, you can get customized company apparel for all your employees so that your brand or product are easily visible. You can use customized products as part of an employee incentive program and keep them in good spirits. Having your own Online Company Store is a great way to make the process even easier!

Below are a few items that every company should consider taking advantage of to increase their brand awareness:


One of the most popular ways to increase brand visibility is to have your employees dress in custom company apparel during major events. There are several options for men and women of all ages. Moxie Print provides many different types of services that can be used to promote  your brand on apparel including embroidering, screen printing, laser engraving and debossing.    

At a trade show, you can get polo t-shirts or knits for your staff in various styles and designs, including mock turtleneck, silk finish, specialty knits, cotton, performance or basic fashion knits. You can have the name of your company on the left chest pocket of the polo t-shirt. You can even opt for custom jackets and sweaters for the colder season. Hats with the company name are also very popular since it easily catches people's attention.

Outdoor apparel is also a great idea.  Fleece quarter-zips, jackets and vests are all hot items today. And don’t forget about hoodies.  These items become part of people’s regular wardrobe, and extend your company’s brand way beyond the trade show.

And don’t forget about employee uniforms.  With a custom Online Company Store, Moxie Print can fulfill all of your needs for branded employee gear and merchandise. 


Professional imprinting services can help you customize an extensive range of bags and backpacks for various occasions. You could gift your top employees a personalized briefcase or laptop bag with the logo or your company emblem. Such a gift will not only be useful for the employee, it will create a sense of pride towards your company in the user’s mind. Moreover, on their way to and from work each day, the bag will is visible to people passing by and will easily make your brand a familiar sight and increase its reach.


Another thing companies can do is to give away various customized technology accessories as gifts for the holidays and at trade shows. There is a wide selection of flash drives, USB hubs, chargers, and much more that you can have your company logo on.  Having your company logo on the things your clients use every day is very valuable. 

Promotional consultants are on staff at Moxie Print to help you with your marketing queries, making sure you fulfill your advertising goals. Take advantage of our professional team to aid in your marketing campaign. We employ an award-winning staff of graphic designers standing by to assist you with your project.

Cultivating a positive workplace culture within your organization starts with expressing appreciation and recognition to your employees. This essential practice can manifest in various ways, and one enjoyable and personal approach is to provide employees with gifts that go beyond the typical company benefits.

Selecting the perfect gifts for your team can sometimes be challenging, given the multitude of available options. It might seem tempting to opt for the convenience of distributing gift cards. However, business gifting is more of a creative endeavor than a formulaic one. For inspiration, look no further than the experts at Moxie Print, the masters of thoughtful gifting!

For music fans, everyone wants a great listening experience.  Here are two great options to treat your employees to a musical holiday season:

 JBL Flip Portable Waterproof Speaker

Take your tunes on the go with the powerful JBL Flip 5. This lightweight Bluetooth speaker goes anywhere. Bad weather? Not to worry. With its waterproof design, you can rock out rain or shine. Pair two JBL PartyBoost-compatible speakers together for stereo sound or link multiple JBL PartyBoost-compatible speakers to create a bigger party.

Wrapsody™ Wireless Headphones

Wrap your brand around a statement piece that is sure to thrill with these wireless noise cancelling headphones. These headphones have omnidirectional bass, an advanced microphone, & noise cancellation capability that deliver high-definition stereo sound. The fold-and-go headphone design & luxe retail packaging are sure to propel your brand to the next level.

Now that employees are coming back to the office and are travelling again, everyone needs to update their gear.  What a better way to do it than with swag from your company.

Overland 17" Backpack w/ USB Port

The Overland 17" TSA Computer Backpack with USB Port makes traveling easier with a TSA computer compartment that holds up to a 17 inch laptop and lays flat to go through security. A USB port and cable allow you to charge your devices inside your bag with a power bank for seamless charging. With your logo on the front, this bag has a top and front grab handle, side zippered pockets and padded back and shoulder straps.

LED Wireless Recharging Station

Put your logo on everyone’s desk.  Experience the convenience of the LED Wireless Recharging Station! Designed around a blazing fast 15 watt Qi charging phone stand, this charging station includes a built in Apple Watch charger, a charging station for any Qi earbuds and a LED light. Truly an all-in-one design that makes the perfect gift.

Power Bank with Built-in Cables

Who doesn’t need a power bank in their bag?  This slim 5,000 mAh textured power bank provides convenience and quality in one. The power bank is a perfect travel companion designed to charge both iPhones (Lightning tip) and Androids (Type C) with its convenient built-in cables.

Hypergear All-in-One World Travel Adapter

Designed to use worldwide in over 150 countries, this compact international travel adapter has a universal AC plug-in and 4 different retractable plug configurations. It also has two built-in USB ports, so you can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously from a single outlet anywhere in the world! This all-in-one adapter is an absolute must-have to keep your devices going when travelling overseas. 

Need something that stands out?  Something everyone needs but doesn’t want to buy?  Check out these great gifts that are always favorites for the holidays.

Stanley Tumbler

Constructed of recycled stainless steel for sustainable sipping, the 40 oz Quencher H2.0 offers maximum hydration with fewer refills. Commuting, studio workouts, day trips or your front porch—you'll want this tumbler by your side. Thanks to Stanley's vacuum insulation, your water will stay ice-cold, hour after hour. The advanced FlowState™ lid features a rotating cover with three positions: a straw opening designed to resist splashes while holding the reusable straw in place.

The Executive Umbrella

Here is the perfect branded gift for employees, special event giveaways and loyal sponsors! Made of nylon, this folding umbrella is offered in an assortment of colors and comes with a matching nylon sleeve to take it while on the go. Features include 43" arc for maximum protection, an automatic opening for added convenience and a round wood handle that adds a stylish touch for rainy days and traveling.

Etched Decanter Set

The three-piece set includes one - 26 Oz. Capital decanter and two - 14 Oz. Executive DOF glasses. This three piece set comes complete with presentation box packaging.

Stonewall Candle

Crafted with a luxurious soy blend for a beautifully creamy appearance and excellent fragrance throw, the modern glass bowl with lid suits any decor. Provides up to 50 hours of fragrance release Palo Santo, has long been burned as a supposed energy cleanser. 

We hope you have enjoyed this list of some great items that might inspire you to find the perfect gift for your employees. Check out the catalog for tons more!

If you are interested in speaking with us about any gifting ideas you might have, feel free to contact us and one of our expert swag representatives will be in contact as soon as possible!  And don’t forget to check out our Online Company Store simplifying the entire process. Schedule a free demo to explore its potential..  You can get your very own turn-key solution customized to meet your needs.

To learn more about how a Moxie Print can help you with all of your branded merchandise needs, call one of our knowledgable representatives at 1-888-669-4348.

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Trade shows are more than just opportunities to gather leads; they are dynamic stages where brands can shine. While it's true that you won't become a millionaire overnight, the significance of trade shows goes beyond potential sales figures. It's about leaving a lasting impact, getting your products into the hands of customers, and nurturing hot leads for future opportunities.

In today's business landscape, a trade show is your chance to put your brand on display in the best possible light. Your performance here can either elevate or tarnish your brand image. This is where the role of branded merchandise becomes pivotal. When carefully planned and selected, promotional gifts and swag have the power to engage your audience, raise product awareness, and ultimately boost sales. If you've enlisted the services of a proficient event merchandise company, here are the critical decisions they can assist you with.

Trade Show

Key Considerations for Branded Merchandise:

1. Choosing Merch with a Clear Objective: Your merchandise partner, if they're experienced and skilled, will help you select branded giveaways with a precise goal in mind. It's not merely about distributing products; it's about building customer loyalty. For example, if you're a computer manufacturing company, consider offering a thoughtful giveaway like a branded cleaning cloth. It should be designed specifically for computer systems, adorned with your logo in your brand's signature color. Alternatively, opt for organic and eco-friendly branded tote bags. Not only are these gifts useful for recipients, but they also convey your company's commitment to the environment. Such efforts foster a deeper brand connection.

2. Establishing a Realistic Return on Investment Projection: Ultimately, it's about how your investments impact your bottom line. Your event merchandise company should guide you toward a giveaway strategy and budget that make sense. Keep in mind that gifting a logoed cell phone card holder to a loyal customer who stops by to inquire about your latest offerings can be much more cost-effective than placing a half-page print ad in your local newspaper. Moreover, a single satisfied customer can bring in many more, making the investment worthwhile.

Your merchandising partner has the expertise to craft an engaging portfolio of branded swag that can generate the coveted "buzz" most marketers aspire to achieve. Remember, customers who approach your booth at a trade show value in-person interactions and connections. Offering them something special not only differentiates you but also helps solidify those crucial relationships.

In conclusion, participating in trade shows transcends lead generation; it's about crafting memorable experiences and leaving a lasting impression. An event merchandise company can be your trusted advisor, guiding you in making informed decisions that resonate with your audience, elevate brand awareness, and ultimately contribute to your success in the competitive realm of trade shows.

A well-managed branded merchandise company can help drive trade show success. Quality, accessible merchandise boosts lead generation. Moxie Print has the one-stop shop platform to handle inventory, shipping, and strategic planning. They can even create your own Online Company Store, simplifying the entire process. Schedule a free demo to explore its potential.

To learn more about how a branded merchandise company can help you succeed with your trade shows and events, call one of our knowledgable representatives at 1-888-669-4348.

Just as customizing your resume is essential to land a specific job, customizing your merchandise branding to align with your target demographic is equally crucial. Tailoring your branding to the specific preferences of your audience will not only attract more customers but also enhance your business's overall appeal.

To gain a deeper understanding of this concept, consider these strategies for tailoring your merchandise branding to your target demographic:

Establish Your Credibility

Your merchandise branding should emphasize your company's credibility. Make sure your customers are well-informed about what sets your company apart and why they should trust you. Highlight your track record of successfully assisting other businesses and your years of experience in the industry. Anything that demonstrates your company's reliability and commitment to delivering high-quality products should be showcased to establish credibility.

Communicate Your Message Effectively

Ensure your messaging is crystal clear. The ability to convey your message clearly to your audience is essential for their comprehension. When your audience fully understands what you're offering and why it's valuable to them, they are more likely to make a purchase. Conversely, if your product or service's impact on their lives remains unclear, they may hesitate to buy. Clearly articulate the benefits of your product or service and how it addresses your customers' needs.

Leverage Local Internet Marketing and Social Media PR

Harness the power of local Internet marketing and social media public relations to boost your business's visibility. Increased awareness of your product or service and its advantages will drive your business forward. Local Internet marketing allows you to focus your marketing efforts on a specific city or region, making it easier to refine your targeted marketing strategies. Social media PR helps identify your target audience and fine-tune your product or service to attract those who follow your brand on social media.

Analyze Your Market and Motivate Your Buyers

Discover what motivates your buyers to make a purchase. Motivated buyers are more likely to make repeated purchases, while those lacking motivation may postpone their decisions. Continually inspire and motivate your buyers to choose your products or services. Understanding their motivations can help you craft compelling marketing strategies that drive sales.

Foster Customer Loyalty

Building customer loyalty is the cornerstone of long-term success in business. The most thriving businesses have a substantial base of repeat customers, which significantly reduces marketing costs. Offer promotional deals and discounts on products that align with your customers' preferences to boost their loyalty. Social media can serve as a valuable tool to gauge their interests and desires.

How to Customize Your Merchandise Branding for Your Target Demographic

Customizing your merchandise branding for your target demographic involves thorough market research to identify their preferences. Once you have this insight, develop a strategy that promotes customer loyalty and piques their interest. The initial step in any merchandise branding strategy is understanding your target demographic and discerning what resonates with them. Armed with this knowledge, tailoring your merchandise branding to cater to your target demographic becomes a straightforward endeavor.

A well-managed company swag store can transform your business. Quality, accessible merchandise boosts lead generation, employee retention, and revenue growth. To streamline the process, consider using a powerful swag management platform like Moxie. This platform handles inventory, shipping, and strategic planning, simplifying the entire process. Schedule a free demo to explore its potential.

To learn more about how an online company store could be the perfect solution for you, call one of our knowledgeable representatives at 1-888-669-4348.

Valuing your workforce is paramount. So, how can you effectively reward them and equip them for success without hassle? The solution: an online company store offering top-tier branded merchandise. This comprehensive guide delves into the concept of online company stores and how they can be harnessed to your advantage.

Understanding the Online Company Store

An online company store serves as a convenient hub for employees and customers to access branded apparel and promotional items. Beyond just simplifying access to merchandise, it replaces outdated practices like managing cumbersome spreadsheets and relying on order forms.

Company Store Mockup

Advantages of an Online Company Store

Online company stores go beyond operational streamlining. They offer numerous benefits:

Effortless Management
These stores are easily managed, especially when coupled with a swag management platform. Such platforms handle inventory, requests, and shipping, freeing up your time.

Boosts Engagement
Employees are motivated to excel when they have access to branded swag. It fosters team cohesion and support, leading to heightened engagement.

From startups to established corporations, online company stores cater to all types of businesses. No specific customer or employee count is required.

Employee Convenience
An online store allows employees to order items whenever they need, ensuring easy access to branded merchandise.

Consistent Branding
Maintaining brand consistency builds credibility and trust. An online store helps uphold the visual and tonal aspects of your brand.

Inventory Efficiency
Online stores negate the need for on-site inventory storage. When integrated with the right swag management system, it simplifies inventory control.

Expense Control
Online stores provide control over spending, preventing unnecessary expenses by avoiding over-ordering and enabling efficient bulk purchases.

Considerations Regarding Employee Charges

Deciding whether to charge employees for merchandise is a critical consideration. While enabling payments is possible, it might not be optimal. Employees might hesitate to pay full price for branded merchandise, potentially souring their perception. Charging can also complicate the process, involving taxes, third-party payments, and refunds. Some companies, however, might choose to charge, offering various payment methods, including credit cards and employee rewards programs.


Key Features of an Online Company Store

Determining user access and payment methods sets the stage. Essential features include:

User-Friendly Catalog
Intuitive browsing via effective categorization and search functions enhances user experience.

Kit Creation
Simplify onboarding and relationship building with easy-to-create kits for new customers or employees.

Seamless Payment Integration
Even if employees don't pay, integration with internal payment and procurement systems is crucial for tracking expenses.

Data and Analytics
Insights on inventory and item popularity inform smart business decisions.

Quality Merchandise
High-quality, practical branded swag leaves a lasting impression and promotes brand affinity.

User-Centric Approach

Tailor the store to user groups based on your goals. Whether employees, sales reps, customers, or the public, accommodate their needs and preferences.

Building Your Online Company Store

Define Purpose
Determine the functions of the store based on your business and goals.

Source Strategic Swag
Select items that resonate with your target audience, aligning with your brand.

Design Excellence
Maintain a consistent, professional design that adheres to brand guidelines.

Inventory Management
Implement real-time inventory tracking to manage stock and understand swag usage.

Technical Development
Build the store in-house or partner with a third-party platform.

User Experience Testing
Ensure functionality across devices and browsers before launch.

Launch and Communicate
Promote the store to users, highlighting its benefits and usage rules.

Employee Store Mockup

Elevating Your Business with Swag

A well-managed company swag store can transform your business. Quality, accessible merchandise boosts lead generation, employee retention, and revenue growth. To streamline the process, consider using a powerful swag management platform like Moxie. This platform handles inventory, shipping, and strategic planning, simplifying the entire process. Schedule a free demo to explore its potential.

To learn more about how an online company store could be the perfect solution for you, call one of our knowledable representatives at 1-888-669-4348.

Creating an Online Company Store helps align your business and brand within your marketing strategy. Organizations often struggle to maintain brand control both internally and externally. Logo requests bounce through emails as various teams manage merchandise orders, while the marketing department faces a barrage of queries about when the sales team can expect their branded mugs for upcoming events.

The time has come to eliminate this chaos by centralizing the management of corporate-branded merchandise and print requests through an Online Company Store. Setting up an eStore to help manage your promotional products ordering, inventory and distribution ensures consistent brand communication and empowers employees to directly purchase logo items from your online store.

As you gear up to introduce a webstore for your employees, here are simple steps to take:

Step 1: Crafting the Business Rationale for an Online Company Store

An Online Company Store simplifies corporate purchases, enforces brand consistency, and enables employees to proudly showcase their affiliation with the company. Beyond this, there are numerous reasons why an online store is right for your business, regardless of industry or size. 

A company store helps:

Step 2: Identifying Your Company Store 

While employees are the primary users, there's more nuance to consider. Engage various stakeholders, particularly from HR, sales, marketing, and other departments, to identify frequent users such as those seeking uniforms or rewards. Understand their specific needs to tailor your merchandise.

Step 3: Curating Your Store Selection 

Offer a diverse array of promotional products that align with your brand and cater to varying budgets. Common merchandise includes:

High-quality practical products are crucial for extending your brand's reach through promotional items.

Step 4: Initiating Your Online Company Store 

Setting up your Online Company Store is a swift process. Once operational, ongoing management is simplified with a reputable promotional products distributor. As you launch your store, follow these basic steps:

Step 5: Ensuring Continued Store

After launching your e-commerce store, remember the three M's: Monitor, Market, and Make adjustments. Okay, it’s really four M’s… Moxie! Moxie Print will support ongoing engagement:

Your Online Company Store embodies your brand and employees, serving as both a practical shopping platform and a brand-building tool. Engaging employees through branded merchandise is an affordable and effective way to foster brand loyalty and incentivize performance. As you step into the realm of promotional products distribution, Moxie Print is ready to partner with you to enhance your brand, optimize resources, and create a tailored eStore solution for your business. Connect with us to experience the “Full Moxie” and explore the possibilities further.

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