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Your Custom Company Branded Online Company Store: The Most Efficient Way to Distribute Your Brand To Your Team And Clients

Our online company stores are the easiest way to distribute your companies marketing material and branded merchandise to your people. Every company is different, so we build our stores around what your clients needs are. Are you looking for a store where your reps can go to one spot and order business cards and marketing material for their sales meetings? Does your recruiting team attend events and bring with them promotional items, table throws and other material? Do you have your storage closet filled with promotional items that are meant for marketing events but somehow disappear? Do you want a company store where any employee can go online and order branded swag, on demand, with no inventory burden for you? Whatever you are looking for, we are your solution.

Brand On Demand Stores: Minimal Costs, No Inventory

Your own companies Swag store. Either give us some guidance or choose any item from our catalog and we will put some mockups with your logo, add the product info and size charts and you are ready to shop. No minimums either, you can order just one polo and have it sent to your favorite client. Do you have some employees that deserve some recognition? Give them a coupon code or gift card to be used on the store. Gift Cards have been a huge hit for employee birthdays, holiday gifts, and staff rewards.

We Can Be Your Most Organized Storage Room

We will hold your brochures, sales material, promotional items, displays, and apparel. All the items will be inventoried and displayed on your store. With our advanced user privileges and functions, these will be made available only to the users that you give access too. Orders can be placed, and cost allocated by department so you can see what items are being used for and by who. If items are pulled for an event, they can be sent back to us and placed back in inventory to minimize unnecessary spending.

Custom Kits

We make your new hire onboarding process a little easier. Let us create a "New Hire Kit" on your portal so your HR department can make sure every new employee gets what they need. When a new hire comes on board, all the items are available inside of one kit. Create their business card, add an employee manual, Polo Shirt, Name Tag, and backpack under one kit and have it arrive at their desk on their first day of work. You tell us what you need in a kit, and we put it all together.

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